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Lab Rules & Consequences

Computer Class Clipart
Come into the lab quietly and go to your assigned computer.  Shirts must be tucked and hoodies must be removed before entering.  Leave all personal belongings in the classroom.  Always use good posture and wait for instructions before you do anything.  Do not get out of your chair without permission.
Only visit approved internet sites and only when you have permission to do so.  Never give out personal information.  Do not share your password with anyone.  If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, turn off your monitor and let your teacher or lab facilitator know immediately.
Make sure you leave your work area neat and organized.  Always save your work and close all programs before exiting your desktop.  Lay your headphones loosely on the table on the left side of your computer.  Straighten keyboard and mouse.  Stand and push in your chair, lineup quietly and disburse all cottonballs/paper in the trash can.
Print only when you have permission.  Only press the print button once.  Do not keep printing if the print job does not print.  Ask for help at any time if you need it.
Use only your assigned computer.  Keep your eyes and hands on your computer.  Do not move, change or delete any of the icons on the desktop.  Do not change the desktop background or any other program that you have capability of changing. 
Treat your classmates, teacher, lab facilitator and all equipment with respect.  Do not talk while the teacher or lab facilitator is talking.  Do not mark on tables or computers.  No ink pens allowed, only pencils and notebooks.  No banging on the mouse or keyboard.  Do not twist and turn the monitors for your neighbors to see.  Do not use your pencil to type.
Eat and drink OUTSIDE of the lab only.  Come to the lab with clean hands.  No food, drink, candy or chewing gum is allowed in the lab.  Wash your hands with soap or sanitizer before returning from the restroom. 
Raise your hand or help cup to ask questions or request assistance.  If the teacher or lab facilitator is with another student, please wait patiently until we can come over and assist you. 
1.  The student is warned.
2.  The student is removed from the computer.
3.  The student will be sent to the office.
4.  The parent will be notified by the teacher or principal.
*The Instructional Lab will be CLOSED and LOCKED when the LAB FACILITATOR is not present.